Why HCG Injections are Better than HCG Drops

In my last post I wrote that HCG drops are better than Injections. However, I was wrong. And this comes as a great surprise to me. This is because I had complete faith in HCG drops. And now I have lost them.

I had purchased HCG drops from looking at this list of best HCG drops. I chose the HCG complex one as it was rated the best and it has the best bang for money. I placed an order for two bottles which only cost me $69.

I was happy to receive the bottle in a week.

The sad part started soon. I started to use the HCG drops as soon as it arrived the day. i went through all the phases and ate all the allowed foods. As stated I didn’t even exercise as I had the urge to do sometimes.

I followed all the rules to the tip and yet somehow I managed not to lose weight.

It was more than two months. I have gained weight instead of losing them. The only happy  part was that I had gained only a couple of pounds in two months.

It was then I decided not to depend on HCG drops.

I switched to HCG injections. Upon searching I found this HCG injections site online which seemed a good place to purchase HCG injections.

This site recommended ihcginjections and I ended up purchasing one month’s supply from them.

Although I was skeptical, it was all put aside after one month.

I have lost nearly 20 pounds in just one month.

The HCG injections did what the HCG drops couldn’t.

I am so happy now.

I am still on the hCG injection diet. I have purchased more HCG injections in bulk and and looking forward for more weight loss.

Therefore, I ask you to switch over to HCG injections and avoid HCG drops at all costs. They are just waste of money.


HCG Drops vs HCG Injections: Which One is Better?

A common question is whether HCG drops are better than injections and if so, why are they better.Let’s examine drops verses shots to determine which method is ideal for a dieter looking to take advantage of the HCG diet plan and its benefits.


HCG drops are considerably, and instantly much more preferred compared with injections, most especially by people who have a phobia of needles. Injections can be a little bit painful and sometimes difficult to prepare. The oral method is very easy to consume, pain-free and saves you from the hassle that injections usually have.

Price is also a big factor when choosing between HCG drops and injections. The injections are much more expensive, and not only do you have to get the hormone itself, but you also need to procure the materials that are needed in order to prepare this particular product. Hypodermic needles, mixing bowls and storage containers are just some of the materials needed in order to prepare this product. HCG drops are already prepared, and thus, saves you a lot of time and effort.

It is easier to procure HCG drops than HCG injections. Usually, the prescription is required in order to get HCG shots and other paraphernalia. The drops, however, can be ordered online by reputable companies.

Since they are easier to procure, the dieter doesn’t have to order the products in advance and he or she doesn’t have to be alarmed when they are running low on supply because they can have it ordered and delivered fairly quickly.

Clearly, drops are more advantageous than shots. Bear in mind however that the drops and the shots are equally powerful.

Both methods of using HCG work as long as the use of the product is coupled with a low-calorie diet, moderate exercise, and adherence to the HCG diet protocol at all times. Choosing HCG drops over shots is basically a matter of convenience and preference.

Most people are somehow quite dainty about injections and the pain that it brings along. This makes HCG less appealing and less popular than HCG drops. The drops are basically pain-free and easily administer the hormones into your body system. This would also mean that you don’t have to work tedious regimens of injecting the hormone into your bloodstream.

Another benefit is that when taking HCG drops, you don’t have to look for medical help in administering the injections. If you dislike injection and happen to enslave yourself by the act and utilizing a physician to administer each injection, why to go through the uncomfortable process when you can be comfortable with the HCG drops which still has the same effect as that of injections.

What is best when it comes to HCG drops vs. HCG injections is that you do not have to spend hours shopping online for the materials and products you need. HCG homeopathic drops are just as easy to buy as they are to utilize.

With the drops, a low-calorie intake, and the right amount of exercise, dieters can watch pounds practically melt off the body. A committed dieter can get fast and near immediate results with just a bit of help from a daily dose of hormones that can be derived from HCG homeopathic drops with ease.

update; pls read this post to find why I switched to hcg injections from hcg drops

HCG complex review – Lose weight quickly and safely

HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a very effective hormone that supports weight loss as it is considered as a proven solution that helps in instant weight loss.


HCG complex review provides detailed information regarding the most trusted product that is offered by Biosource labs. It works wonder for your weight loss goals as it is one of the best dietary supplements that are available for your weight loss needs. Hence if you want to lose weight quickly then you can take the assistance of this weight loss miracle as you will not need to undergo any surgical procedures or follow any strict diet for losing a considerable amount of weight.

According to HCG complex review, this dietary supplement is FDA approved and it helps you get the desired results for losing weight in a safe, quick and effective manner. It is not just a typical slimming product but it is hormone based solution that helps in losing weight in a short duration of time.

HCG complex is the best hormonal supplementation that can help you in losing about 20 pounds or more in a month as it has been tested for being very effective in helping you lose weight when it is combined with low calorie diet. It also helps in burning the excess fat from your body quickly but it does not use any kind of hazardous compounds or chemicals. Hence you can be rest assured that HCG complex offers weight loss support without causing any side effects.

HCG complex review indicates that this weight loss supplement is made from 100% natural formula which mimics the power of the real HCG as it stimulates your hypothalamus that contributes in helping you lose weight.

The process of weight loss takes place as you reduce food intake while using this supplement as it is considered as a natural and effective way of losing weight in a quick and safe manner. It leads to effective and significant weight loss as after taking this supplement, your body will reduce the supply of calories that helps you to get rid of the abnormal fat deposits of your body.

HCG complex helps you to get rid of the excess fat from the stubborn areas of your body like the upper arms, buttocks, thighs and hips that are difficult to burn. It is an excellent supplement that has proprietary blend of many natural compounds that are very effective in helping you lose weight quickly. As this supplement is derived from natural formula, it targets the key weight loss areas for helping you lose weight which include fat burning properties, metabolism increase, muscle protection and energy booster.

Hence it is the most recommended HCG solution that promotes weight loss as it melts off the excess fat of your body without much of an effort. It is a guaranteed dietary supplement that is 100% natural, safe and effective that needs to be complemented with low calorie diet for getting the desired results in short span of time.