Why HCG Injections are Better than HCG Drops

In my last post I wrote that HCG drops are better than Injections. However, I was wrong. And this comes as a great surprise to me. This is because I had complete faith in HCG drops. And now I have lost them.

I had purchased HCG drops from looking at this list of best HCG drops. I chose the HCG complex one as it was rated the best and it has the best bang for money. I placed an order for two bottles which only cost me $69.

I was happy to receive the bottle in a week.

The sad part started soon. I started to use the HCG drops as soon as it arrived the day. i went through all the phases and ate all the allowed foods. As stated I didn’t even exercise as I had the urge to do sometimes.

I followed all the rules to the tip and yet somehow I managed not to lose weight.

It was more than two months. I have gained weight instead of losing them. The only happy  part was that I had gained only a couple of pounds in two months.

It was then I decided not to depend on HCG drops.

I switched to HCG injections. Upon searching I found this HCG injections site online which seemed a good place to purchase HCG injections.

This site recommended ihcginjections and I ended up purchasing one month’s supply from them.

Although I was skeptical, it was all put aside after one month.

I have lost nearly 20 pounds in just one month.

The HCG injections did what the HCG drops couldn’t.

I am so happy now.

I am still on the hCG injection diet. I have purchased more HCG injections in bulk and and looking forward for more weight loss.

Therefore, I ask you to switch over to HCG injections and avoid HCG drops at all costs. They are just waste of money.